Friday, 8 January 2010

Tempting Sales

January, the month is all about cutting back, restricting oneself and starting afresh isn't it? On Tuesday after checking my bank balance and deciding that I am indeed very poor I told myself that I wasn't going to buy anything else until the end of January; but then temptation arrived in the form of a Miss Selfridge email. Sales, another thing which happens every January, although nowadays there always seems to be a sale on regardless of the month. Miss Selfridge sent me news of their sale and naturally my curiosity got the better of me and so I took a quick peek. Their sale is actually full of some good reductions and they have got a few of their spring items in there as well. Now I really can't resist a bargain but I am trying; so far I have just clicked add to basket and have not proceeded to checkout but I can see it is only a matter of time! I mean who can resist a bargain!? Maybe it is just me but when something seems like a really good offer it just makes it that bit more tempting and that it would be madness to pass on it. Here is the dress I am debating whether to get or not, it was £38 reduced to £10!

They've called it casual chic on the website and styled it with boots and ankle socks. Not too sure how I'd wear it, probably in my typical fashion with some long necklaces, hat and either heeled boots or flats.

I have also been tempted to buy some more jumpsuits, I know how many jumpsuits does a girl need right? I love wearing them though because they are so comfy, it is like you are wearing a blanket in clothes form or something! The first one I've debating is a navy one shoulder with a few sequins or gems on. It was £45 reduced to £10! I really like it although I don't know if I'd wear it enough to justify buying it, plus jumpsuits aren't the most flattering garments!

The other jumpsuit I have been looking at is a black heart print one. It looks like it would be a fun daytime outfit to wear, however I don't think it would be everyone's cup of tea! It is only £7, a steal considering it was £45 at full price.

Sadly I've just been on Miss Selfridge and it seems that the heart print jumpsuit is completely out of stock, maybe I am wrong and it is something everyone likes! There are lots of lovely things on their website but I won't bore you with more items. I will say however that if you are after a fun new outfit and don't want to part with too many pennies then Miss Selfridge is a good place to check out. They always seem to have good items that are not as expensive as Topshop but still keep up to date with the trends. So happy spending everyone, try not to become as poor as me!

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