Saturday, 9 January 2010

A little bit of Alison Mosshart

This weekend has been hectic, crazy working hours in my new job mean that I am shattered! Nevertheless I am still managing to spend a crazy amount of time looking on the internet and reading magazines, one of these days I will actually do something more productive with my time! The new issue of Vogue arrived on Friday which brought with it much joy; I am so glad that the postman is still able to deliver in this snowy weather! The current issue has got a lot of lovely things in it, Vogue you are not helping me in my quest to be good and save money. One of the articles that caught my eye was an interview with Alison Mosshart, one half of the band ‘The Kills’. You might say that I have had some what of a girl crush on her for awhile now. When Kate Moss started going out with Jamie Hince of the Kills they became known as one of the fashionable couples to look out for; well when Kate Moss gets involved with anyone or anything for that matter it becomes the new IT thing doesn’t it? When seeing photos of the two of them together though I always wanted to see Mosshart, where were the photos of her looking all rock and roll cool? Alison Mosshart always has that typical rock vibe about her but that’s the thing that is most appealing. It always looks like she has the fuck it attitude to go with her skinny jeans and baggy shirts that other people cannot carry off as well as she can. I will always remember the Abbey Road sessions with the Kills; she had on some gold boots and I just thought wow she looks cool. Yes it sounds daft but gold shoes can make me think that about a person! Then there were the music videos, ever seen the video to their song ‘Cheap and Cheerful’? If you haven’t I recommend you check it out because the makeup is different and unlike anything else I’d seen her with. Think red glitter lips (and I mean complete ott glitter), big blonde wigs, marching band hats, bright eye makeup and not forgetting her trade mark black skinny jeans. However the one bad thing I find with Alison Mosshart is that she looks so damn good when she is smoking, she makes it look ridiculously cool; it makes me want to pick up a packet and puff away yet in reality it is a filthy habit and will only ever look good in photo shoots and models.

Cheap And Cheerful Video

Mosshart’s rocker image would often make you think of someone with an intimidating persona, I know for a fact that is how I would feel if I saw her in the street. Vogue has picked up on this and in the article it actually takes a different approach; it shows a very different side to her. From reading the magazine it seems that she is a genuine, down to earth person who has strong interests and passions. I am glad the magazine has shown this side to her and has not painted her to be this rock chick that only cares about herself and her music. I would have liked to have seen more photos to accompany the article but then when am I ever happy with the amount of pictures in magazines (if it were up to me I think magazines would just be completely filled with them)! If you’ve got Vogue I definitely recommend reading the article, you might not like the Kills but you might find yourself warming towards Mosshart. My boyfriend tells me that she has just started a side project with Jack White and so I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more of her in 2010.

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