Thursday, 10 December 2009

It's been a while shall we say?

So I've not been very good with keeping my blog updated have I? Well here is one of my new year's resolutions which I am going to start now, maybe I should call it my mid December resolution. I shall try and keep this blog updated every few days or so at least. So many things have been happening since my last post and I hope to bring everyone up to speed in the next few days. The past week has been manic, I went to London and had an amazing time. My friend has entered a competition and has been set some tasks to carry out; one of them including styling someone which is where I came into the picture, photos will hopefully be up in the next few days. In the meantime check out to see what she is up to in the competition. In the meantime I shall leave you with this short but sweet post!

Here is a snippet of the styling photos that we took in London:

Thursday, 22 October 2009

A quick post before I depart, including Audrey Hepburn in Charade

So I've not been very good at keeping this blog updated, I don't know what I have done with all my time! I have been up to quite a few things over the past two months, I went to the Birmingham Style in the City event, I'll hopefully get round to doing some sort of review of it at some point! I managed to escape the West Midlands for a little while and went to Jersey, it was much sunnier than here, and it was nice to see the sea again; being a city girl it always excites me to be by the sea! It is much more inspiring to see the sun set on the beach than sit at home watching it tip down with rain for another day. Yes it was very nice to be on the small island of Jersey again.

Yesterday I watched an old Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant film called Charade with my grandmother. I love watching old films with her, she always seems to have such great memories of them. Charade was a fun film to watch, it is set in Paris and well any film which shows Paris will pretty much hold my attention, add Audrey Hepburn into the equation and I'm happy as can be. Audrey Hepburn true to form looked fabulously poised and fashionable as ever. Her wardrobe was mainly Givenchy like in her other films, one of my favourite outfits was this red one which she wears when she is walking along the river. When you think of Audrey Hepburn the image which more often than not springs to mind is the iconic black dress from Breakfast at Tiffany's; however she wore a lot of colour in her films and I think this outfit shows how well she could carry them off. Plus that hat is amazing, I think we should all wear more hats like this in our day to day lives!

Another screen shot showing that a simple shift dress will always look chic and fashionable.

For some reason I am strangely drawn to this coat and I am not sure why. Is it the big black buttons which stand out I wonder? Who knows but doesn't Audrey wear it well? Add a classic black bag, gloves and pointy flats and we are onto a winner

Right well this hasn't been an amazing blog post and I apologise for keeping it short and sweet but I've got to finish packing. I am going to Fethiye in Turkey tomorrow and I've still got quite a few things left to throw into my case. It feels so good to just be packing summer dresses instead of winter layers! Oh yes winter sun is going to be amazing! Goodbye dismal weather, hello sunshine!

Monday, 7 September 2009

Historical characters

So I've been invited to my friend's birthday party and the theme is characters in history. So who do you go as? I have been thinking about this all day and have come up with a few ideas. I'm currently thinking Marie Antoinette. I still haven't seen the Marie Antoinette film but I have seen lots of stills from it, I think the costumes are amazing. I would happily go as a Marie Antoinette inspired from the film.

I like the idea of wearing a fully skirted dress with tonnes of layers and walking around all night with a fan. Thinking about it having a fan as an accessory would be useful for covering up bad skin!

I love fashion from the 1920s and 60s so I am also debating with the idea of going as a flapper or a 60s icon. My friends told me to go as Twiggy, but as I don't have a stick body or short hair which she wears so well, I'm not too sure how I'd go about it. I want to get a full fringe cut back into my hair so I was thinking Marianne Faithfull, I love the whole 60s hippy and carefree look.

I need this fringe in my life!

The last person I've considered dressing up as is Marion Davies of silent film fame. I think she looks so pretty and who wouldn't want to dress up as a flapper!? Take a look at her cute hat in this picture:

So who should I decide to go as? I wish I could dress up as them all because they each have their own individual styles. Knowing me I will probably think of someone completely different to go as! Oh decisions, decisions, decisions!

First things first...

Ok so this is my first ever attempt to keep a blog. Hopefully it'll be something that people want to keep on reading and following, if not then I guess it'll be just for me! Yes there are a lot of fashion blogs out there and you could say that I am jumping (be it in fabulous shoes) on the blogging bandwagon. So here is to the next fashion blog that with a bit of luck you'll want to check every now and again!