Sunday, 28 March 2010

A little bit of a catch up part two...

The end of February seemed to be a bit of a blur and everything seemed to go a bit pear shaped, but hey things all work out ok in the end don’t they? So March arrived and the fun times carried on...

With Easter around the corner it would seem only right to consume many eggs

And it seems like spring is finally on the way and the freezing weather is behind us

Train journeys aplenty
And baking wheat free polenta cake
My hair was cut short again
Managed to escape work for the week to see my boyfriend in sunny Jersey
We saw a pheasant. I got over excited and nearly caused a car accident. Standard really!
Gorged on many a delicious meal
Walked many a beach
We saw bears and meerkats And had some sushi
Stayed at a posh hotel and had a relaxing massage before sitting out in the sunshine

Then back home to reality and work, not so fun times. It was my brother’s birthday so some more celebrating had to be done, so not all bad then!

The clocks changed this morning which meant we lost a precious hour's sleep, at least this means that the days will be getting lighter, a true sign that summer is on it's way. I'm off to bake some blondies, never made them before so could be interesting!

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