Monday, 7 September 2009

Historical characters

So I've been invited to my friend's birthday party and the theme is characters in history. So who do you go as? I have been thinking about this all day and have come up with a few ideas. I'm currently thinking Marie Antoinette. I still haven't seen the Marie Antoinette film but I have seen lots of stills from it, I think the costumes are amazing. I would happily go as a Marie Antoinette inspired from the film.

I like the idea of wearing a fully skirted dress with tonnes of layers and walking around all night with a fan. Thinking about it having a fan as an accessory would be useful for covering up bad skin!

I love fashion from the 1920s and 60s so I am also debating with the idea of going as a flapper or a 60s icon. My friends told me to go as Twiggy, but as I don't have a stick body or short hair which she wears so well, I'm not too sure how I'd go about it. I want to get a full fringe cut back into my hair so I was thinking Marianne Faithfull, I love the whole 60s hippy and carefree look.

I need this fringe in my life!

The last person I've considered dressing up as is Marion Davies of silent film fame. I think she looks so pretty and who wouldn't want to dress up as a flapper!? Take a look at her cute hat in this picture:

So who should I decide to go as? I wish I could dress up as them all because they each have their own individual styles. Knowing me I will probably think of someone completely different to go as! Oh decisions, decisions, decisions!


  1. Hi, just stumbled onto your blog! How lovely that you've just started:)

    I love Marie Antoinette, adore the costumes and the pastries in the movie! I'll love to see you dressed up as her!!

  2. Oh the possibilities! I think going the silent movie route would be so gorgeous...the make up and hair would be so fun!!!
    But I have such an affection for Marie Antoinette...theres just so many route you could go!
    Keep posing love :)