Sunday, 7 February 2010

Easy like Sunday Morning

Sundays in my opinion were meant to be lazy, there is something very satisfying in doing nothing much and having no plans. Today has been filled with sitting in coffee shops, watching America's next top model reruns with my mum, reading the Sunday papers and getting angry with the sewing machine! I have been working on making a practice bag which was going well until the sewing machine randomly stopped working. Crisis averted the bag turned out pretty well so I shall be making some for real next time.

Flicking through the Style magazine from the Sunday Times I came across the Taylor Swift article. Normally I am not a fan of Taylor Swift, she seems a bit too goody goody for my liking, that said though she is beginning to grow on me. I didn't read the article but the photos caught my eye, they were originally from the New York Times Style Magazine. In them she looks beautiful, like a porcelain doll complete with pigtails and bows. For some reason she also reminds me of Cassie from Skins in the pics, how I wish Skins was still what it used to be!

If you got a copy of the Sunday Times this week I'd definately look through the Style mag, there are some very beautiful things in it. Particularly check out the Paris couture article, oh how there are too many wonderful dresses to look at!


  1. Woah that doesn't look like her at all. I like her with that straight hair.

  2. I love the magazines that come on sunday
    especially Style and You even though
    the back pages are all full of recipes

  3. I did not realise that was Taylor Swift as she look like so different like a proper model.

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  4. She looks so different in a good way!


  5. the sunday times style magazine is like my guiltiest pleasure, pretending that I'm a 30-something-yummymummy reading the advice column! haha xx